At Conecworld We Make Work Play!
Kami menyatukan tujuan dan selalu berjuang demi visi dan misi kami. Kami selalu lapar untuk menciptakan dampak pada masyarakat. Tim kami sangat beragam dan dipenuhi oleh orang-orang aneh tetapi sangat berbakat. Menciptakan dampak adalah kebiasaan kami. Let's roll!
Fando Adila
Founder & CEO

We have dreams, but we are not only dreamers. We are challengers!

Our dreams are so revolutionary, we want to change the world into a better place by building an ecosystem to be part of our legacy. But, we start with a lot of small things and always take the initiative to create impressive breakthroughs day by day.

When things get tough, we are moving straight forward to challenge, to change, to take a stand on our principles because we fall in love with the dreams we are heading.

We have been through a lot of things, it made us learn and grow in reaching our greatest potential. We strongly believe that we can do more and more crazy things to make it happen and be significant together.

It is because we are destined to be different.

Aditya Agung Dwi
SVP Operational
Syaiful Arief A.
SVP Facilities & Services
Dandy Rilo Hariyono
VP Program & Activity
Sonni Effendi
VP Partnership & Acquisition
Jeffri Rohmando Aulia
SSE Web & App Master
Muhammad Sultan Adam
SSE Conectizen Support
Rian Alvandi
SE Janitor
Wildan Avian
SVP Marketing
Virda Kristina Wijaya
VP Digital Marketing
Bernadeth Yola Widyalista
SSE Content Marketing
SVP Finance, Accounting & Tax
Devi Liana
Choirul Garin
Achmad Fatoni
VP Full-stack Engineer
Budi Darmawan
VP Full-stack Engineer
Rendy Kurniawan
VP Full-stack Engineer
Silvester Dimas Eka Putra
SVP Business Development